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Marco was pretty hardcore for a red shirt character when you realize he let his competition take his points and still got into the top ten



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What about “Rout the Enemy” maps though


What about “Rout the Enemy” maps though

I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.


Needle Sizes/Types For Fabrics

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I was attempting to find out what sort of needle I should use for peachskin since I knew it was a finicky material and found this -amazing- chart that I am keeping -foooreeverrrr-.

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Prince charming by ladyskorpia

"I found him.
I found my soulmate.
Behold my idiot as he spazzes into the sunset”

you don’t know how much i laugh at this every time i see it

this hits my dash about three times a week and i laugh every time.

I have never seen this before, but damn it’s hard to keep from laughing when you’re sitting in a dead silent lecture

This is the first time in the two years+ that it’s existed that I’ve seen my comic on my dash. The circle is complete.

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quiet reminder for myself and anyone else who needs it



  • you’re alive
  • you’re okay
  • you have people who care about you
  • you can do this
  • it’s okay to be scared and overwhelmed, just don’t let it consume you
  • you’re okay
  • you can do this
  • today might not be a good day, but you’re alive and that’s okay
  • it’s okay
  • you’re okay
  • deep breaths
  • you’re okay

Even if you don’t need this right now reblog for your fellow human beings. You’d be surprised what some of them go through.

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Kazuichi “No Homo” Souda

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